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Toronto Kids Digital Festival

March 12- 14, 2019

Open Space Gallery at Ontario College of Art and Design University


Toronto Kids Digital Festival brings together toys, artists, designers,  technologist, academics, youth inventors, and more for an interactive event or"digital sandbox." The festival was composed of an exhibition, workshops, talks and events, all focusing on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) and highlighting learning through play. 

Through Project-Based and STEAM learning approach, young digital makers learn not only hard skills in technology and craftsmanship, but also critical and design thinking, idea development, and interdisciplinary knowledge.

Presented by the Virtute Innovation and Art School.

An Art Calorie Production.

TKDL emerges from the mission to enhance digital literacy in kids. Children come in contact with increasingly assorted and sophisticated digital tools to navigate. KDL strives to introduce the skills and 21st century tools to help children realize the far-reaching potentials of the digital realm.

Video documentation

Artworks by:
Switch Wall & Graffiti Mirror. Owen Lowery
Mécaniques Imaginaires. Scenocosme 
Music Sticky Notes. Hope Moore 
Schwister. Electric Perfume
REWILDING. Michael Carter
Space Box. Emergent Media Center at Champlain College
Tinker Box. Frank Ferrao
Toronto Skyline. Olga Nabatova  

Melencolia II. Tobias Williams

Products and Toys:
Prosthetic Reality.  EYEJACK
Wonderscope Augmented Reality. Wonderscope/ Within
Itty Bitty Buggy. Microduino Inc.
3D Food Printer brought by the Virtue Institute
Robot Battle by GANKER 
3D doodle pen

Talks and Workshops by:
Kelvin Doe, a self-taught, youth engineer
Owen Lowery

Virtute Innovation and Art School

Augmented Reality t-shirt

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