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Made in Isolation, 2021

Animations by: Chris Collins, John Butler, Amrita Chopra, Tara Clews, Emma Goudie, Dan Luo, Mike Maryniuk, Mahnaz Nezarati, Meky Ottawa, Tiare Ribeaux, Sarah Schmidt, Timothy Thomasson and Steven Sych, Ziyang Wu.


International works respond to shifts in experience due to social isolation and the abruptness of existing within a ‘new normal’, this program presents themes of disorientation, the pleasure and complexities of being alone, moments of togetherness, and the pervasive shift to online platforms for social interaction, community, or personal exploration. 


Works range from traditional animation techniques including; hand drawn/ cell, stop motion, hand painting on glass, and object animation, while presenting newer forms of the genre with technologically heavy works in 3D modelling, motion capture, virtual reality, and the creation and exploration of digital desktop landscapes.

Presented by the Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS). Screened during "see you again art festival" (Toronto, Canada) on September 25, 2021 at the Oculus Pavilion. 

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