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Meaningful Code

October 26, 2019- January 12, 2020

The Living Art Centre, Mississauga

Artworks by: Thoreau Bakker,  Amrita Chopra, Chun Hua Catherine Dong, Jean-René Leblanc, Laura Kay Keeling, Dave Kemp, Nadine Lessio, Jacqueline Mak, Adrienne Matheuszik, Claire Scherzinger, Tobias Williams

Meaningful Code looks at the ways in which artists are engaging with emerging technologies, digital tools and code based processes to build objects, interactions and images reorienting contemporary experiences into a future context.

Featuring works in video, animation, 3D printing, photography, digital collage, augmented reality, AI and hacking, these works explore how we are integrating technology into our lives, how digital futures might change the ways we see ourselves, and what it might mean to live alongside artificial life forms.

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